Local Activities


The inland part of the province of Murcia is just as delightful and worth visiting as the coastal part. It has spectacular scenery as it lies within the Espuna and Revolcadores Mountains along the course of the Mula river. There are many charming towns and villages that have been inhabited since prehistoric times and plenty of unique culture as this area has remained relatively isolated throughout history.

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Running & Cycling

Cehegin and the surrounding rural area are perfect for running and cycling, whether on the road or trails. The Via Verde which is a disused railway line running from Caravaca del la Cruz to the city of Murcia at a total of 71km, is designed for walking and cycling on hard surface and dirt tracks. The area at 600m above sea level with short cool winters and long hot summers is very suitable for training or leisure running and cycling.

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Writing & Composing

If you’re working on a writing or composing project, or want to start one, or if you have a deadline to meet, or you just need some inspiration, come to our rural quiet retreat. It’s an opportunity to focus exclusively on your writing or composing in quiet and inspiring surroundings.