Museums, Galleries & Historical Archeology


Archaeological Museum: founded in 1976 and spread over three buildings this museum houses a really interesting collection of artifacts. It is open Monday-Sunday 10.00-13.30.

The lost City of Begastri near Cehegin

Only 2.9 Km away from Cehegin is the roman Visigoth city of Begastri,it is considered the most important town of its kind. Its unique archaeology will leave you breathless. The city, settled by Iberians, Romans and Visigoths, was hidden for hundreds of years. Its symbol is the Monogrammatic cross used today.

Caravaca de la Cruz

Museum of the True Cross: situated inside the sanctuary of the Vera Cruz, its several exhibit rooms show the history of the true Cross as well as the history of the town.

Fiesta Museum: explains about the fiesta of the True Cross which is of international tourist interest.

Archaeological Museum La Soledad: features a variety of archaeological exhibits.

Ethnographic Museum of Miniatures: crafted in iron and wood, these highly detailed miniatures recollect the traditional professions and activities of the area.


Rice Museum: take a visit here to learn more about the main agriculture of the area; the production of rice.


Museum de Art de San Miguel: houses a collection of religious art, it is free and is open Tuesday-Sunday 11.00-13.00.


Museum Don Pepe Marsilla House: the stately home of the wealthy Bullas resident Don Pepe Marsilla, it has been renovated and refurbished to represent a typical house of an aristocrat at the turn of the 19th century. It is open to Thursday & Friday 11.00-14.00, Saturday 11.00-14.00 and 17.00-20.00 and last year cost 3€ for per adult and 2€ for a child or pensioner.