Hibiscus Retreat is located in a quiet rural area just on the outskirts of Cehegin, a 1 hour 20 minute drive from Alicante airport or 45 minute drive from Murcia International airport (directions supplied after booking confirmation).

The region is made up of several towns nearby with many diverse interests and activities to enjoy in the area or just relax at the retreat. A few being walking, cycling, running, fishing, writing, painting & photography. Along with many museums, galleries and historical archaeology.

Caravaca de la Cruz is a short drive away 11 min (6.4 km) via RM-517, a very religious historic town see information page on Cehegin.

Calasparra is a town a short drive away 23 min (21.0 km) via RM-714, the Santuario Virgen de la Esperanza is a very religious cave sanctuary not far from the town, see information page on Cehegin.

Mula is a town a short drive away 27 min (31.8 km) via RM-15, with churches and historical streets see information page on Mula.

Bullas 16 min (15.2 km) via RM-15, the town has a Museum of wine, El Museo del Vino dedicated to the production of D.O. Bullas wine see information page on Bullas.

Mortalla 19 min (15.4 km) via RM-715 and RM-B36, sights include the Fortress Castle home to the “Tribute Tower” a military-gothic style building which dates from the 15th century see information page on Mortalla.

Find out more about the surrounding region on the Murcia tourist information page.